Sunday, 11 November 2012

It's that common cold time of year

Been feeling a bit under the weather and that. Plus I had to go shopping in Bromley with the Mrs. Thus, painting has kind of not happened this weekend.

But I have managed to get some hobby related stuff done, so it's not been quite a complete and utter write-off.

Basically an order of stuff from Forge World which had been floating around in purgatory for a good six weeks finally turned up round my mates house last week. Which is boss. So I've now finally got arms for my Death Guard dreadnought, as well a Blight Drone and Nurgle Chaos marine sorcerer.  Splendid.

I'd also ordered the finecast version of Typhus, which also showed up at the end of last week. Some of the old metal models that GW are now doing in finecast haven't been coming out as well as the newer models which were specifically designed to be done in Finecast anyway, so I was a bit worried about what was actually going to show up on the doorstep. Really pleased with the model actually. Really crisp casting, no defects, no bent bits. I also picked up the Dark Apostle on a whim in GW Bromley.

So when I say I've managed to get some hobby related stuff done, this actually translates as trimming resin. Soaking resin to get shut of mould release agent. Scrubbing resin with old toothbrush. But hey, it would have needed doing at some point anyways... and I have to say my brain was in no fit state for painting.

Will have to see if I manage to perk up a bit later on as to whether I get some painting done, I suppose.

I know I can't do any airbrushing in the kitchen today, as the Mrs is making Xmas puddings for both sets of parents (who even eats that stuff anyway?)

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  1. Been in a hobby slump myself. Eh, ebbs and flows.


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