Monday, 16 June 2014

Eversor Assassin 3D sketch for INQ28

For quite some time now I've been both curious and keen to give INQ28 a go. It seems like a great opportunity for conversions and narrative gaming. Before the experts laugh too enthusiastically at my "noob" status and poor explanations  - I've never played this or even looked at the rules.

For those that know even less than me, INQ28 seems to be a homebrew hybrid rule set based on Necromunda (a specialist skirmish game that used to be produced by Games Workshop), but also encompassing the rules for Inquisitor (another specialist game that used to be produced by Games Workshop). Inquisitor had a small range of models produced for it at a larger 54mm scale, although as I understand it, no scale was specified for playing the actual game.  Again, as I understand it, the lack of terrain available at 54mm scale resulted in people playing the game using the more familiar 28mm scale, which has the bonus of providing a wider variety of ready built terrain as well as terrain kits, and of course a plethora of miniatures.

Anyway, less of me talking crap about something I've not really read up on. Here are some pictures of an Eversor Assassin I put together earlier on.  The torso, legs and gun arm are from a space marine scout, the head from a chaos warrior, the neuro-gauntlet arm is from the chaos marines raptors kit, the vials of combat drugs from the Dark Eldar Talos Pain Engine, and last but not least, the hand on the gauntlet arm is from a chaos marine.


  1. This looks cool, I have no idea what an Eversor would be like in a game of Inquisitor, but back in 4th edition 40k they were insane! The only bright spark in my awful Witch Hunters army!

  2. I can remember taking out all 5 of Latham's Thousand Sons terminators with no effort whatsoever last time I used one (4th Edition?)

  3. Hrm... I like the concept but can't quite remove the "Scout" from this model and see "Assassin" instead. Might be the large armour hump on his back....?

    1. The insignia from the front part will be trimmed off and I am thinking of other ways of mounting the stem injectors. I kind of expect an assassin of this type to be big and bulky and armoured in a carapace kind of way. Although that is probably influenced to a great extent by The Garantine from Nemesis. It does need refining, but I think the bones of it are there...


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