Monday, 25 August 2014

Daemonhosts - the Sacred & the Profane part 2

Following on from the previous blog post, this is the second of two Daemonhosts.  The previous one representing the Sacred, this one representing the Profane.

The Profane is manifesting in a different way to his erstwhile companion, and is restrained and warded differently too.  You will notice there is an obvious size difference between the models (see final picture).  The Sacred has been forced into increasing the size and strength of the host body in order to better manage the burden put upon it.  The Profane can sometimes be hard to keep under control, and has a vicious and violent nature.  The host form has been placed in consecrated stocks which are adorned with litanies of faith.

I like to think of the Profane as an homage to Nosferatu. Only partially accidental!

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