Saturday, 11 October 2014

The Lazarine, Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Quite some time ago (obviously this will be at least 2 years since - usual Tony of Nurgle standard practice), I picked up the fantastic Old Death model produced by Enigma Miniatures with the intention of making it into a Daemon Prince of Nurgle.

I really like how the static pose of the creature implies loitering in the background (waiting escort the damned to Hades or some-such), while the wind swept robe adds a nice sense of movement. If he was a bit taller I'd maybe think of him as Mortarion as Daemon Prince. Perhaps it would be a more accurate reflection of a Grave Warden elevated to daemonhood.  Either way, I think he adds a nice touch of visual variety to my mono-Nurgle daemon army...  I've named him the Lazarine after a form of "spotted leprosy".


  1. Finally! Like him very much mate. didn't realise his scythe had runes on it.

    Great work.

    1. It's a great model - love it. Standard practice as I said for me to procrastinate indefinitely before putting anything I buy to any use!


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