Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Inquisitor war band update: Daemonhost #2 & 40,000 views!

It's been a busy couple of months all in all, with many ups and downs, including a trip to America for a couple of weeks (which was a definite up!!), and a shitty return to work and bad news (a definite down). However, I have managed to get another model finished since I've been back...

Remember this character? I finally got around to painting him up.  I think he looks quite different painted up than he did as bare plastic - more threatening, perhaps? 

I had a bit of fun with glazes and washes etc. Please excuse my amateurish attempts at freehand, though!

And I almost forgot - I hit 40,000 views today. Grimdark, yo!


  1. Where in the US did you go mate?

    This fellow has a Nosferatu look to him. I think he gits in nicely with the other members of the team though.

    Freehand is appropriate for what is needed - don't be too hard on yerself!

    1. Cheers Dai.
      We went on a bit of a trip on east coast / New England areas... New York, Boston, Portland, then small places in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and then back to New York!

  2. Nice creepy feel to this guy, dig it!

  3. He looks super creepy. You are right he looks very different from the bare plastic to the painted version :) Great stuff

  4. Whoa, that guy looks super grim - rad work!


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