Friday, 10 July 2015

Inquisitor war band update: Mechanicum Adept

I've been quietly beavering away (norf!) whenever I've had a bit of spare time to do so, and I've managed to finish off another model that will slot nicely into Inquisitor Daubenton's merry band of Ordo Malleus nasties. Or even into a mechanicum war band, which I'm starting to have ideas for.

I made this conversion quite some months back, and thankfully I finally got around to it...

I wanted to try and do something with different types of metals. It seemed reasonable to me that highly modified members of the machine cult would consider certain cheaper metals suitable for use in expendable throw-away bits of kit (e.g. the power plant on it's back), and others, such as the more integral parts of their systems to be made to last in a more permanent capacity, and more exotic, rare metals might be used (e.g. the face plate and re-engineered weapon, which is based around a xenos design, incorporating some bits of xenos and imperial tech).


  1. Really creepy. The wraith model is such a great base for creepy mechanicum type conversions. I like the thoughts behind the different metal types. It looks good as well on the model to have those different colours and textures too

    1. Thanks NafNaf. I'd been thinking about stuff that gets thrown away once its been used up - batteries, wiring, light bulbs, car engine parts, that type of thing.

  2. Good thinking behind this one and very nice painting too. Rust effects are particularly well done.

  3. I love that wraith model it really lends itself to 40k. Nice paint job and conversion


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