Monday, 10 August 2015

Inquisitor war band update: Methuselah the abhuman Pariah

Methuselah is an abhuman, sub-designation: Beastman. He also has the dwarfism genetic disorder, which means he has a stunted stature. He also carries the extremely rare 'Pariah' gene, which makes him effectively a psychic 'blank', with a naturally occurring sphere of 'null' influence about his person.  Psykers find his close proximity to be unbearable, and will find themselves cut off from the warp and their mind powers whilst within his sphere of influence.

Sadly, it is not only psykers that find carriers of the 'Pariah' gene repellent. Other individuals find it incredibly difficult to be in the close presence of these poor wretches, but are unable to explain exactly why. Certainly in such semi-primitive societies (such as those of the sub-designation: Beastmen), for an individual such as this to survive to adulthood is rare in the extreme. Firstly, given his physical disability alone, it would be a normal cultural practice for such a creature to be abandoned in the deep wilderness soon after birth, to live or die as fate sees fit. Secondly, given his genetic 'gift', I would hypothesise that his mother would have been left severely mentally disturbed by carrying such a child to term. Even were the mother to survive the extreme mental trauma of birthing a child of this nature, how would she then be able to love and nurture him?

It is said that only other 'Pariahs' are able to easily tolerate each other's company. Although given the scarcity of this gene throughout the human population of the galaxy, the likelihood of such 'Pariahs' crossing paths is negligible. They are however a useful resource, and can sometimes be found in personal retinues of Inquisitors, where their null presence is a viable anti-psyker defence. Other applications for their unique talents have included induction into the Assassinorum as designation: Culexus.

Given the practical applications of such individuals, a delimiting device used to suppress the sphere of their null influence was developed by {name redacted} in the year of our Holy Emperor {redacted}. This particular individual has been lucky enough to be fitted with such a device after finding service in the personal retinue of Inquisitor Daubenton.

However, the previous experience of a life of extreme loneliness and rejection has resulted in this poor wretch becoming bitter and distrustful in the extreme of all but his closest confederates (Daubenton et al), who hold him in special esteem. He has been schooled, and is literate, numerate, and understands many of the societal niceties habitual hygienic practice that seem to escape the vast bulk of sub-designation: Beastman.


  1. Brilliant, flippin brilliant.

    Love the backstory to this cute little bugger. The tied back hair is likewise very nicely done.


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