Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Bonny Prince Billy: Ork Kill Team revisited...

A goodly while ago I started work on an Ork Kill Team with the old 4th ed rules in mind. As is usual for many of us, this turned out to be a project that got 60% completed and then forgotten about.

Over the last few days, I felt oddly compelled to paint up the remaining orks. For this post, I'll give you the notorious freebooter, Bonny Prince Billy.

I had the idea for Bonny Prince Billy quite some time ago.  I'd felt inspired to paint him up in a way that was influenced by (as well as by general piratical garb) C17th European aristocrats, with their tendency to cover up smallpox scarring with white powder make-up, and use spots of black velvet to cover particularly deep pock marks (yep, that's what those artificial beauty spots were all about). I also thought that this kind of stylistic ethos might fit quite well with the fashion whims amongst the aristocracy of the wider 40k era Imperium. So I've given this guy a very light shade of green overlaying his face to try and show this.  I did draw the line at giving him a fake beauty spot though. I dunno, though, maybe I should add one.

I haven't converted this model at all. It seemed to capture what I wanted already. He looks like he's striking a victorious pose for a portrait or some-such, which I thought was a suitably pompous look for a 'oomie imitating tough, roaming and looting on the galactic tides.

Other members of the team can be viewed at the links below:
Spag Bol
Dokta Heimlich
Komrad Blenski

There is also another one known as Bacon Ear, but I think I neglected to blog about him. I'll look into it...


  1. Have always liked that sculpt. I like him very much, though feel that a beauty-spot would indeed add more to give that "pompous powdered Noble" feel.

  2. The more I think about it, the more I think you are indeed correct!

    1. Woot! My old ork force (Put together for GorkaMorka) all had white faces and red noses and lips to look like clowns (I only have one of those left - a biker. Somehwere). White's a great colour for Ork faces I think.

    2. That sounds bonkers - ork clowns! I love it!


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