Thursday, 2 June 2016

Ork kill team update: ammo runtz

In an effort to bring a small but drawn out project to a close, I opted to plough through a bunch of ammo runtz to round things out. Nowt sparkling, I'm afraid, but they'll do the job well enough.

One of these is straight out of the Nobz kit, the other 2 are kitbashed from gnoblar trappers with grot heads. Like the rest of the kill team, they've been mounted on Scibor resin bases.


  1. I have these exact minis staring at me from my shelves, waiting to get painted.... o... some day.

    Although simple, I like the greens you've used on their skin and the placement on their bases. Good stuff mate.

  2. Great!
    here some ogres!



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