Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Soul Grinder of Nurgle / Dark Mechanicum Iron Strider

Good day to you all.

Wow. That was formal.

Not too much to say on this one, but a goodly while ago, I got hold of a Maggoth Lord second hand from Linguiformean (Lee).  It kind of sat around partially on the sprue for a while, partially off.

I eventually, started taking a closer look at it and put it together apart from the rider, which is when i hit on the idea of seeing if the top half of one of those Kataprhon servitors would fit in the hole. Turn out with a minimal amount of sanding down, it will indeed fit. Quite well as it turns out.

Add in a few green stuff cables, and Bob, as they allegedly say, is your weird and pervy uncle.


  1. Pretty damn cool, Does that guy have flys as an arm?

    1. Cheers! He sure does... not 100% happy with the paint on that bit, but there is a fair few fly-based arms in the Maggoth box...

  2. Okay, with paint it looks better than my initial take.

    Good stuff mate!

  3. Only just seen this... and it is just beautifully vile. :D
    Awesome work!


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