Friday, 7 April 2017

Lord of Change

Apologies for my somewhat prolonged absence...

 I recently developed a bit of an obsession with the great adversary, Tzeentch.  It's led to me trying to do a paint job on this 3rd party LOC which I (loosely) based around the weird parakeets that haunt the skies of South London.

It got a bit out of hand, and it started to take on something of a more crocodilian aspect. Anyway, this is what eventually emerged...


  1. Trai.....torrrrrrrrrrrrr........... Buboes be upon you and yours until the end of times!

  2. Seriously though - parakeets in London? 1st I've heard of that. Very cool though.

    Love the LOC colour scheme - really appreciate how apart it is from the regular blues and purples, etc. Makes it seem almost more creepy and insidious.

    Nice to see you back Tony, I hope this won't just be a one-off?

    1. Hopefully not a one off... We do have a kid on the way (5 weeks due), so that will probably impact somewhat. I have been doing a bit of hobby stuff sporadically, but playing Alien: Isolation on PS4 seriously got in the way for a while...

      Yeah, parakeets in London. They escaped some kind of aviary in late Victorian period and against all odds they flourished. Their call is weirdly like Sweep from the Sooty Show.

      I wanted to try and steer wide of the typical Tzeentch colour palette. Thanks for the kind words as ever...


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