Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Denizens of the Garden of Nurgle: Pestigors the 1st & 2nd

All ye beasts of the fields, all ye beasts of the forest, come to slake thy foul thirsts and satisfy thy vilest appetites.

Yon' town, their watchmen are all blind; all of them know nothing. All are as mute dogs, unable to bark. Dreamers lying down plagued by unquiet visions of despair.


  1. Those are awesome. Great idea.

  2. Lovely work! Or should I say disgusting work? :)

  3. These are frikken lovely mate.

    And as to losing hobby time to baby duties - yeah you'll lose a little, but babies sleep and whilst those moments are when YOU should catch up on lost sleep too, sometimes middle-of-the-day naps are not good idea so use baby's nap-time for short hobby work sessions! :)

    1. Sage advice... duly noted!

      ...And thanks!


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