Monday, 30 January 2012

So, here we have it. The difficult first post. The blog equivalent of the difficult second album.

I suppose I might as well start by talking about what I'm working on at the moment, which is a slow-grow Warhammer 40,000 project.  More specifically, I am working on a Death Guard chaos space marine army.  Very slowly.

I'll be attempting to put each model singularly in an effort to make a more considered looking force.  I'll be using Forge World kits as well as the standard Games Workshop ones, and hopefully cross-combining bits of kit that I like the look of to come up with a reasonably individual army.

One thing that I decided to try and steer clear of was going for the standard Nurgle green colour scheme that (un)popular culture dictates should be used.  What I'm trying to do instead is use my own take on the original colour scheme of this space marine legion. In other words... dun-dun-derrrrrrrrrr... white.  Oh noes! White power armour! WTF?!!?!one1?1!!1

I will be using a gnarly green trim on it though which should hopefully look a bit like mouldering fruit. And rust. You can't beat a decent bit of corrosion can you? No you cannot.  Hopefully I'll manage to achieve a reasonably realistic rust effect.

Well, that's it for the brief introduction.  I'll hopefully shove some images up later tonight. For now, I must go and prepare a bean infested chilli.

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