Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Death Guard marine #2

Raining blood from an ash-ridden sky or something.

If you had a load of rusty tubing bursting from your stomach, it's likely you'd look swollen too...

Rear view. Think I'm happier with the back than the front for some reason...
For this one, I needed to mess about a bit.  When I spray undercoated some of these marines (Army Painter uniform grey spray) I must've failed to shake the spray well enough, and in a couple of places the undercoat came out thicker than necessary.  The areas in question on this model were the chassis of the chainsword and the outer edge of the left foot where it joins the leg.

I decided to try and remedy this by making the aforementioned part of the chainsword look clogged up with chewed up bits of bloody meat and general gore. I made some attempt to make the effect look like it was following the direction of the teeth of the chainsword as the chain was going round. Kind of as if the blood was kicking backwards and slightly upwards across the hand and arm and downwards onto the leg and boot.  I did of course try and make the chain blade seem very rusty. Just because, y'know, in case the poor soul that's just been carved up hadn't already had their day ruined, they'd also have to suffer the indignity of a tetanus injection down the local A&E. Numb buttocks...  In my defence I had been listening to some fairly crusty stuff whilst I'd been working on him.  In fact, if you are going to be working on Death Guard or probably anything Nurgle, you should probably realise that Cursed - 'I' and probably Black Breath - 'Heavy Breathing' are essential listening.

I think the mouldy fruit green trim on this chap turned out quite well. Feel free to disagree or whatever. Also pretty happy with the rust on this one too.

I might get round to talking through the colours I used at some point soon. I wouldn't count on it though.


  1. The mouldy fruit green definitely works really well on this one, and these photos are much better than the ones you emailed me. I've mentioned my thoughts on thinning your paint, already - and yeah, heat lamps + foundation paint = painting with clay.

    I really like them both but I can't help but think that there's something missing. Have you read up on spot colours? Or maybe do something with the lenses of the helmets - make them look slightly more reflective. I just think they'd benefit from a bit more detail: something to bring the miniature to life a bit more. I'm mindful that this could well just be the photos, like, as irl they look great, and it depends on what kind of finish that you want from them.

    (Btw, got to work Thurs eve. Weds or Fri any good?)

  2. Cheers for the advice. Will check out some spot colour info. I understand the basic concept, obviously, but hadn't considered using it for these guys.

    There's no reason why I shouldn't either!! I'll have a read of the internet tomorrow if I get a chance.

    Friday is great for me for a pub trip. If I don't turn anything up research-wise, I'll bounce some ideas off ya!


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