Thursday, 2 February 2012

Death Guard marine #3

Close(r) up of  my first finecast model.  This was great fun to paint. Tons of texture, a really gnarly model.

From a bit further back, as it's technically known.

I love this back pack part. You can get a real sense of the mutating influence of the warp from the shape and textures of it. Almost as if the ceramite has flowed like thick liquid. For example frijj milkshake or whatever it's called.
So this one is the first finecast model I've ever painted, although not the first one I bought.  It's from the GW Plague Marines box.  Size-wise they are a teeny-tiny bit smaller than the standard chaos marine models, probably as the mould they were cast from is pretty old.  Tons more definition on them that the previous metal versions too.

This stuff is pretty weird feeling. But I reckon I quite like it.  I'd been really wary of picking any finecast miniatures up due to the quality control problems they'd been having.  I saw some real shockers when browsing in shops.  It seems that they've now upped the quality control, though, so the fault / error rate seems to have reduced drastically.  Beggared if I know what was going wrong before. Probably taking them out of the moulds too early to maintain high production numbers or some shit.  Anyways, the set I got were absolutely fine. Sorry for the digression.

On this one, I had a go at using thinner coats, and it seems to have worked for me, as the fine textures on the model are quite visible.  Job's a good 'un and that.

I really like this guy's head. A bit reminiscent of pushing a rusty gas mask through a load of soft wax or something. It reminded me of the last time I did that very same thing... er... Anyway, I need to eat me tea.

In a bit.


  1. This dude looks great! Really awesome paint job - the areas where the greens and whites are starting to fall into each other are so well done, and this one is really starting to look like he's properly festering: like he will be completely green in a few years.

    I think he'd benefit from a bit of purple washing in some of the deepest recesses of the greens, though, definitely. Right in the nooks and crannies - only the very deepest bits, like the back of his ankles, or under his breast plate, between the back of his shoulder-pads and his back, that sort of thing: but yeah, this guy's great.

  2. Oh, thanks! As I was saying further up the blog, I'll be testing the purple wash when I get a slot of time this weekend. Ditto the modified rust / tarnishing idea we were talking about


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