Saturday, 25 February 2012

Test pieces 27th Feb 2012

Some spare chaos marine shoulder guards I found laying around seemed like a good place to start on  attempting to use colour theory in my Death Guard scheme.
So, the last week or so has been a total write-off for one reason or another. Which I probably shouldn't go into, but I love moaning. So moan I shall, in a minor way.

This week, I'd hoped to get painting sessions in most evenings. This did not happen. My cunning plans were ruined.  Instead, this week has mainly featured some mentally long working days and man flu.  I've been feeling pretty rotten and tired.  It was very rubbish indeed.

Minor groan over with.

Anyways, above is a picture of some spare chaos marine shoulders which I finally got round to working up as a test piece.  Earlier on in this blog, I've probably mentioned hoping to try and learn something about colour theory.  So it seemed like I should get some purple into my colour scheme somewhere.

So first off, in the top part of the picture are some Chaos aspiring champion shoulder guards. I'm working on a Nurgle army, so obviously I had no reason to use the other three for anything.  I started out with a thin base coat of Tin Bitz and then gave it a wash with Leviathan Purple, and left it to dry. For about a fortnight (Thanks, busy life).  The one at the top left has been left in this state so as folk can see it.  From there I painted on Knarloc Green in a patchy covering on the raised parts, so that some of the base coat showed through.  Finished off with a 50/50 mix of Knarloc Green and Gretchin Green thinned out with Vallejo's Thinner Medium (invaluable stuff - you need this in your life).  White bit done as usual. Mix of Dheneb Stone and Vallejo Off-White and Thinner Medium.

The stuff at the bottom is worked up from a different method.  Nothing ground breaking, obviously.  Base coat of  Knarloc Green.  Washed over with Leviathan Purple. Again the white bit was done as above, and again I used the mix of Knarloc Green and Gretchin Green which I attempted to put on roughly.

The state of greeness that I've left these in is a bit different from what I'd previously been doing, as it's brighter and sharper as opposed to the mouldier green finish I've put on to the full models further down the blog.  I'll add in the mouldy green later.

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  1. The purple looks great on the tin, doesn't it? I think it really helps give a bit of depth. I think you could be a bit more sparing with the green, really place it on in patches, using the same techniques so it looks like mould growing on parts of the metalwork - possibly even dirtying or mildewing the white from the same place. For example, if you put mould in one corner of the metal, dirty the white in the same corner using small spots of brown using a tiny brush.

    Looking cool, though!


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