Saturday, 4 February 2012

Test pieces and musings

My original colour scheme test piece for the Death Guard is the torso of a chaos terminator.
Thought I'd post this up, so people could see how I arrived at the colour scheme for my Death Guard marines.

After loads of discussion awhile back with my mate Tim (thanks Tim) over a fair few pints of ale in our usual drinking den, I decided to do a few test schemes based around using off-white as the main colour.  It seemed sensible to test out the scheme on some spare parts from kits I was likely to use in the future.

The off-white was achieved from a base coat of the Dheneb Stone foundation paint that GW make, which was then worked up lighter by adding in Vallejo Off White in increasing proportions.

The green started off from a base coat of  Knarloc Green, which in subsequent coats was worked up to the mouldy fruit type level by adding in increasing amounts of Dheneb Stone.

Throughout this process, there were also several stages of washes over the entire piece, of Devlan Mud, Thraka Green and a mixture of the two.

I think the contrast works pretty well, here.  The build up of grime seems to add some real depth.

* * *
Last night, I had another pub discussion with Tim over several pints of Grumpling Ale, which I strongly suggest you seek out, as it's properly awesome, and the chances are it's one of the reasons drinking was invented in the first place.  I'll skim over the bit about the belligerent Spanish lesbians (no offence to Spanish lesbians intended, I'm sure the majority of you are not belligerent) that seemed to be trying to pick-pocket folk and were also in possession of a coil of some fairly heavy duty tubing. Weird.

Anyway. In this discussion, we were talking about colour theory, and I've decided to do a few more test pieces based around the existing Death Guard scheme to see if I can manage to get any extra contrast to come out in the paint job.  I think we've also cracked the conundrum of what I should be using as a minimal spot colour, and how I should apply it.  If it works out, I'll put some pics up in the near future.

The conclusion to another conundrum has also been reached. I'd been wondering how to work on the resin bases I'm using, and it seems the way forward may be to use some kind of weathering powders.  Which are something I've never used before, and I'm quite nervous/excited about...


  1. See, I really like this: it's neat and tidy and looks great. The point with the green, though, is that I feel like I'm at looking at something that *is* green, rather than something that has *turned* green: and I'm not sure which one you wanted to go for. Your description of mouldering fruit made me think that the armour itself was slowly festering and tainting (hence the use of white - the Death Guard's pre-heresy colour).

    If you want to paint the armour so it looks like it's on the turn, which I reckon you should, then you need to have a fiddle round with your tin bitz and purples.

  2. Hoping to do some test bits on the purple wash / tin bitz later on today or tomorrow morning. We shall see how we get on!!


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