Friday, 17 February 2012

...And they shall bray henceforth like the beasts of the fields

This will be the squad leader for my first squad of Possessed Death Guard marines. The head is a spare part from the Hellpit Abomination kit.  I find the long neck to be fairly obscene.

I got these beastman heads from the bitz box at the local gaming club. I've trimmed off the braids and pony tails and what-not as they were just getting in the way, and wouldn't have looked right in any case.

I quite like the beastmen heads. They don't seem to look that out of place on the top of a power armoured body.  The grimacing faces help to make them look like they are in distress or pain, and the forward jutting posture makes them look quite aggressive.  I need to find some legs for these lads.  Waiting to stumble across some running legs - probably from the assault marines kit, if I manage to stumble upon any on Ebay or whatever. Unless someone following this thing speaks up and says they've got some going spare...


  1. Look for legs from the Khorne Beserkers too.

    I too have Beastmen and Skaven mutants in my Plague Marines. You have good taste! ;)

  2. Thanks so much! I did think of those legs as a possibility, some of the poses look great - but I think I'd need to take a close look at the parts and see how much trimming I'd need to do. By way of explanation, I'm not too into the whole idea of stuff being covered in spikes and skulls "just because it's chaos" - I think it can make the models sometimes look a bit too busy.

    Some other legs I've seen come from the Blood Angels kits, but I reckon they've maybe got too many detail on 'em.

    1. Likewise mate - am hoping upon hope that the new edition codex brings with it more sophisticated sculpts with fewer cheesy skulls'n'spikes parts.

      Think yer right about the assault squad legs being the best bet.

  3. I love that rat head: proper gnarly.

  4. There's something about the neck that reminds me of the snake pit from Raiders of the Lost Ark.


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