Monday, 27 February 2012

Death Guard marine with plasma gun revisited

I'll be surprised if that hunk o' junk can even shoot...
So bit by bit, I attempted to follow Deadestdai's advice and put a glow effect on the energy coils of the plasma gun.  Never tried this type of glow effect before and I'm not entirely convinced I've got it right, to be quite honest.

I've tried to give the glow a purple tinge in an attempt to be in keeping with the purple in the helmet lenses. Part of me is thinking it looks OK for a first attempt. Part of me is thinking "that's the same colour as Windolene".

Anyways, this guy is pretty much done.

1 comment:

  1. Nah - Forget the real world, I like the purple. Could get lighter on the edges of the plasma ridges, even to white.

    Either way, I like it. Green and purple work real well together. Don't be afraid to go all out - remember, there's supposed to be a wee sun inside that gun!

    Good tutorial I found here. :)


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