Sunday, 4 March 2012

Possessed Death Guard marines - in progress

This weekend I've managed to get some modelling done.  Some of you may recall that a few weeks back I posted up a couple of pictures of an idea I'd had for some possessed marines for my Death Guard army.

Well, I managed to find the time to do a bit more work on them, including one that I managed to build completely.  Behold the dread apparition that ripped it's way through Tim's penal legion yesterday evening.  All they did wrong was fail to dedicate enough care and attention to maintaining their kit and weapons.  The next thing they know, they've had a sound bollocking from the local commissar and found themselves in the vanguard and a whole world of manure...

Bleuuurrrr. I want to eat your pancreas with some acorns.

I once met a dude with even worse teeth than this.
The situation at the moment is that I'm in need of a selection of suitable right arms to help finish off the other four.  I've got a couple of ideas, but we'll see how we get on...  As it is, I've added in legs from the loyalist marine assault squad, and fixed the heads in place using a mix of super glue and green stuff.  Well, here they are. Warts n'all.

Don't look them in the eye. They'll only get angry.

These were great fun to mess about with.  I reckon I'll be adding more soon...


  1. They look well good mate. Especially like the Skaven marine and his not-looking-forward pose.


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