Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Left Hand of Doom

OK, so maybe Hellboy has a right hand of doom, but Entombed walked the Left Hand Path...

Yep. I've not been updating this old blog all that much recently. Been a bit busy doing other stuff which has mainly included not enough drinking and not enough curry, along with a stray bit of skateboarding.  "But dude, you're nearly 35!" I hear you cry.  Yes, and I still paint toy soldiers as well.  When I get the chance at least!!


  1. Bah - I'll turn 36 this year and I paint toy soldiers. I gave up skating only because after 10 years I still couldn't ollie and falling off started hurting too much.

    Can't forgive the lack of beer and curry though - you should be ashamed.....

    1. By the way - lovely Death Guard. Needs a little more much on him though - the white seems a little clean to me.

    2. *And of course by "much" I meant MUCK. (Stupid dyslexic typing fingers....)

  2. I think I've a couple more bits I need to do on this one, yeah. Right, time for breakfast...


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