Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Ye Skaven of thee vile Clann Cheeseboarde - part 1

I was having a bit of gander (a "look" for the non-Northerners) at my external hard drive the other day, and I stumbled across some Skaven that I painted a couple of years back.  So I thought I'd share them with you few that are following / lurking on this blog.  Plus, I think you probably deserve a break from the Death Guard stuff...

Therefore please meet some rat ogres, by the unlikely names of Klaus, Heinrich and Schnitzel.

Klaus unfortunately went blind after biting into a discarded warpfire thrower, which as you might expect exploded in his face. Overwhelmed by a level of pain and frustration his tiny mind just couldn't cope with, Klaus has become very belligerent and has to be goaded carefully in the correct direction whenever his handlers take the field.

Klaus is a very large and powerful rat ogre and often breaks his restraints.   On one  rather memorable occasion he burst free of the sewers & ran amok in the gunnery school of Nuln. Non were left alive, and several drunken guards were hanged for dereliction of duty.

Schnitzel is quite possibly one crazy experiment too far.  Having  a comparatively  agile mind  for  a rat ogre, Schnitzel  has time and again shown an almost calculated taste for simplistic cruelty.  His higher level of intelligence can probably be attributed to the mutating essence of the huge lump of warp stone that has been implanted in his shoulder.  Having said this, it unlikely he could surpass the typical village simpleton in most tests of rudimentary intelligence.

Schnitzel has a warpstone and steam powered enlarged surgical blade affixed to his arm.   He is able to distinguish the difference between beating man-things into greasy paste with his fist and slicing them asunder with his blade.  Both of these outcomes please him immensely.

Heinrich is somewhat sedate for a rat ogre, although far from mild mannered - until threatened!  It is said in the vast corridors and tunnels of the Under Empire that  he has become the personal steed of a certain powerful Grey Seer...
I think my painting has probably improved a bit since I did these, so don't, like, judge me maaaan and all that jazz. But I did have good fun messing about with these.  If they were dogs, they'd probably be described as "big, lovely, chunky pups" or something.

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  1. Love their stories! ^_^ Very fun.

    I need to get those IoB models before they stop making them or something. My Skaven would love the company I'm sure.


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