Thursday, 19 April 2012

Death Guard Predator W.I.P part 2

So since I last posted, I've done a bit more work on the ol' predator.

I know I was massively grumbling about finding the painting of vehicles massively boring, but I think I may have to readjust that statement:

Painting the base coat on vehicles is very boring. Doing the later stages is... kind of OK.

So basically, since last time I did some shading around the detail and in the recesses with good old reliable Devlan mud in bountiful quantities.

After that had dried up, I did some tidying up with the original base colours.

A problem that I've encountered on this one is that the flash on our camera is a trifle militant, and it can make things come out pretty bright.  You'll be able to see on a couple of these shots what almost looks like snail trail type stuff. It's actually the devlan mud reflecting the light back towards the camera.  Annoying.

Another side effect of the flash is that's shown up a couple of places where the grey undercoat is still showing through. This is kind of good, as I can now touch up these previously hidden spots before I move on to the next stage of painting...

First off, three pics with the  main turret off:

And now some with the main gun turret on:

Well, next up, I'll be bringing the Dheneb Stone up to off-white, and mouldifying (that's not even a word) the green.  I'll also be adding some rust to the metal work, and if I'm brave enough, try my hand at some weathering... Fortune favours the brave, but the sensible don't want to make their models look even worse than usual!


  1. A good start. Looks really tall with that havok launcher perched atop the turret. O_o

    I share your distaste for painting vehicles though.... rotten business. After i finished my two Vindicators I have found it rather difficult to get up the nerve to move on to the Land Raider and Malcador, dreadnought and land speeder that sit on my shelf... Taunting me with their bare-ness.... The bastards.

  2. It's just the base coating that saps a brother's will to live.


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