Thursday, 3 May 2012

Death Guard predator W.I.P part 3...

I've been busy working on this for a while now.  Happy to say that it is nearly done.

Verdict on tank painting?  The base coating part is annoying, but after that it gets a bit better.

Still not fully convinced though. Ahem.

So here are some pictures of the nearly finished article.  Bear in mind that it does need some finishing off and tidying up.


  1. Going to stick some soot effect in the exausts?

    THink it needs a 4th standout colour mate. Looks kind of plain from where I'm sat. Have thought about some metallic scratch/wear marks on the corners, etc?

    Otherwise I like it. You do rust really well.

  2. Thanks mate.

    The idea on this one was that it hadn't seen much use yet. Kind of a 'we got this one out of storage because the last one got all blown up'.

    The Land Raider is going to be an "interesting" conversion with any look. My first rhino is going to be pretty battered looking.


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