Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Nurgle Daemon Prince W.I.P part 3

So it seems I could be arsed to post these on the same very day.

The flesh has been roughly touched up with a blend of thinned out Vallejo off white & Formula P3 Thrall Flesh.

The green parts of the armour have been given a rough highlight of the mix above with added Knarloc green.

I'll be washing the miniature some more tomorrow...


  1. Lighting is poo, but I do like what I'm seeing. Careful with the next round of washes. Right now you've got some nice looking off whites and green, not want to just dump wash on top and lose your hard work and good colour choice. Nice to have two updates in a day!

    1. The washes will be into the recesses of the armour rather than anywhere else, as I reckon some of them don't look quite pronounced enough at the moment.


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