Saturday, 19 May 2012

Nurgle Daemon Prince test piece W.I.P

I picked this model up off eBay a good while ago, when I was temporarily considering doing a Vampire Counts army for fantasy.  That never really got off the ground.  I eventually decided that using it in my Death Guard army might look, y'know, cool and that. At the same time. Or separately. I can't remember which...

Anyway, I thought I'd have a go at painting him up. On the base, I've added a weird plastic tree stump type thing that I found in the bottom of a box. I've expanded the tree roots using some bits of what I assume were Wood Elf dryad arms or some such (if you are there Tim, you may be able to remind me...).  The gaps have been filled with Vallejo plastic putty ( a product I can't recommend enough).

I also opted to not include that shite bat-lizard familiar thing that would normally be flapping about near his shoulder because it looks, well, ludicrous.

I started out by priming in black (by hand for some unknown reason).  This, once dry, was topped over with a heavy overbrush of thinned down Adeptus Battle grey.

From there I gave it a wash (the whole thing) with Devlan Mud.

Once dry, I applied a base coat of Knarloc Green (thinned down) to the armour. Formula P3 Pig Iron (didn't feel the need to thin this one down) to the chain mail areas and sword. Dheneb Stone (thinned down) to the flesh parts. If I remember rightly, the bits of leather and fur were done in Calthan Brown.  The cloak is done in  one of those new purples in the Citadel range. The darker one from the base coat range.  I think it's called Dark Eldar Bell-end or some such equally catchy title.  If you are that interested, you can probably look it up.

The whole thing was then given a liberal wash from my pot of filth. This consists of the dregs and dog ends of old pots of the citadel washes, namely Devlan Mud, Gryphonne Sepia and whatever the green one from the same range is called. It also has a bit of water in it (from the tap - nowt fancy, mind) as the dregs in the pots tended to be a bit thick from the pigments having sunk to the bottom.  That was a bit of a digression though.  So, anyway, the whole thing got a liberal wash with that, and this is how far I've got so far.

One thought I have had, though.  On this metal casting, the facial features aren't very strong, so I'm going to look at the finecast version to see if the casting quality is any better. If so, and I'm happy enough with the rest of this model, I reckon I'll redo him again from scratch on the finecast model. We'll see. I'm making no promises.


  1. Any fig that's been painted with "Dark Eldar Bell-end" is a tip top fig to me! LOL!

    I like it. I also like your dregs wash - I think I'll have to make one of them up myself.

    Good stuff Tony!

    1. Cheers - will hopefully get something up on the next stage later on or tomorrow...


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