Thursday, 31 May 2012

Death Guard Terminators assembled

Yes, indeed, I have finally constructed my Death Guard terminators.

All hail the Rotten Lord and such claptrap.

I've used the plastic Chaos Terminator kit (although I did remove some of the rubbishier looking spiky bits) as the basis for these, with the addition of the Forge World Death Guard Terminators upgrade kit.

I've made some attempts at weathering and scarifying the armour plates using a drill.  I also gave one of them some kind of mental gribbly claw arm that I found in the local games club bits box.  It's a metal piece, and it's old. That's all I know. I swear.

The bases are from Forgecraft.

Here are some pictures.
He's got a crab's hand

Oh yes he does.

Strange appendage...

...waving in the breeze.


  1. Bases are well nice!

    Arm looks like it belongs to a Keeper of Secrets I think.

    Excited to see some paint on these buggers!

    1. I did think that, but it seems really spindly...

  2. I think they look great.

    I have been tempted to start a Nurgle army (either daemons or marines) for some time now. Watching your progress only increases the gravity of said temptation.

    Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks, man. What a nice thing to say!! I don't think I've come close to inspiring folk before. It's a boost!

      I can only recommend messing about with nurgly stuff - it's quality time spent!

  3. Some great bits of kit there, I've always liked Nurgle termies and good tosee them looking so nice.


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