Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Nurgle Daemon Prince W.I.P part 2

Not too much to say on this one...

The main plates on the armour have been done in a thin coat of Dheneb Stone, followed by a wash from my pot of filth. This was then given a brighter coat with a mix of Dheneb Stone and Vallejo Off White.

On the sword, the blade is done with Formula P3 Pig Iron, and the hilt & hand basket with Formula P3 Blighted Gold.

I've done a bit more on this since, and will post up the pics at some stage when I can be bothered.


  1. Looking good so far. Purple on this fellow works really well.

  2. Yeah, looking much better now you've tied him to the rest of the army, too. The purple's really accomplished.


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