Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Ye Skaven of thee vile Clann Cheeseboarde - part 2

As anybody with even a passing familiarity with skaven doubtless knows, they are cowardly yet cunning creatures.  Hence, the combat oriented heroes they have are all a bit crap.

They do, however have some nasty magic tricks up their voluminous wizards' sleeves.  With this worthy arcane knowledge in mind, I obviously had to have a few spell casting rats in my army.  Here are a couple of them now...

This is the grey seer from the screaming bell kit, to which I added a hand holding a grimoire from the plague monks  accessories sprue

In this shot, he looks like he's leaping over a fence.

This one includes a poor attempt at free hand on the pages of his grimoire.
Overall, I was reasonably happy with the job I did at the time.  If I was to paint him again, I'd probably do a few things differently.  For anybody that's remotely interested, a couple of those arcane symbols are recreations of some of the cave paintings in Twin Peaks.

The Grey Seer Thanquol model.  Good fun, even these days, even though his hands and feet are well out of proportion.

From another angle.  Come to think of it, his staff has a  fairly  thick haft. Ah, the halcyon days when  it was too difficult to do a thin spear or staff without it being too delicate to even consider...

I called this plague priest the Stinking Bishop. I love this model.

Mmmm, gelfling?

I do like that they sculpted this model with a hunch back.


  1. Twin peaks and Gelflings, you're speaking my language dude!

    The gem on the staff is pretty sweet by the way...

  2. here I am, commenting

  3. I'm glad the comments thing seems to work for folk now!

  4. It comes up superimposed over other words and links though and so it's kinda hard to read mate?

    Skeksies were flippin awesome. Dark crystal was one of my fav's as a wee lad.

    Looking at these I am damned tempted to get me a screaming bell, or at least Ebay those two mages. Such character!

    1. Which bit is coming up all superimposed and that? It looks reet enough on my laptop... If it's a problem I'll try and sort it...


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