Sunday, 15 April 2012

Death Guard marine #6 (or is it 7?) Who's counting anyway...

As promised t'other day, as we say in't'North (even though I don't live in't'North any more I am reliably informed such phraseology is still common), this post is about my latest Death Guard marine.

This one is another model from GW's finecast set. It's the second one I've done from said set.  Interestingly, on both models, I was a bit unsure what direction my painting was going in, even though I was trying to tie in the colour scheme with the Forge World models I'd already worked on. Somehow, they've both come together and I don't think they look out of place alongside the Forge World stuff.

Somebody looks like he's been having a rough time of it.  There's a couple of bits on the chest piece that I will do a little more work on later.

Quite like the odd shoulder piece on this arm.

There's not really much point to this, I was just experimenting with cropping  pictures. I thought it looked alright,  so I put it in.


  1. I think the loin cloth could be more of a contrasting colour to the armour. it seems to blend in too much and gets lost, which is a shame on such a cool fig. Otherwise though, I like how mouldy the bugger looks!

  2. Cheers mate. The loin cloth is likely to change to purple as that's the spot colour on the other marines.

    Think I did a reasonable job of getting the filth to show through. I think on some picks of the previous marines, the muck has been bleached out of the pictures because of the strong flash on the camera...


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