Sunday, 15 April 2012

Death Guard Predator - W.I.P - flat base coat only

Morning all.

Over the past week or so, I've been putting a base coat to my Predator for my Death Guard.

Anybody that knows me will know that I don't really like working on tanks, so I tend not use 'em. Well, as I am working on my first 40k project in years, I decided to try and change my opinion.

To cut a long story short, it took absolutely bleedin' ages to even get this far.  The surface area on these things is actually massive.  When I get to the Rhino, I suppose it'll be slightly less irritating to paint, and when I get to doing the Land Raider, probably massively more (although this supposedly will be a fun conversion, so hopefully not too irritating - I'm not convinced though...).

Anyways, I primed this in grey.  The greens are Knarloc Green thinned with Vallejo thinning medium in a roughly 3:2 proportion. The beige colour is Dheneb Stone thinned in the same proportion.

The metal areas were base coated in Chaos black, then given a heavy over-brush of Tin Bitz. Basecoat finished off with a rough over-brush of Formula P3 Pig Iron (I love this colour).

And that's that, the flat base coat is done. I'll probably do my first wash of recesses, edges and that later on today.

Here's a fairly non-exciting picture from above:

Too many hours of my life have thus far been spent on this. I see a bright future for this vehicle of being consistently blown up in turn 1 of every game I play.
By the way, if anybody is still encountering difficulties with the different bits on this blog overlaying on each other, please let me know (including specifically which bits) and I'll try and sort it.

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