Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Recovering the opposable thumb

So, I had a top quality game on Sunday with Tim.  Take and hold type mission for 3 objectives.

As it turns out the rot could be stopped. However, I can think of several things that I'd do differently next time.

I started out the first few turns too cautiously, and I probably suffered as a result.  I'd also make some revisions to my army list, and try not to forget to utilise the stuff I've paid good points for...

Closing moments of the game were fairly fast paced, and for a good amount of time, it seemed like either of us could take the victory.  But a decisive last turn from Tim and a poor round of shooting from me saw victory go the Guard.  Next time, they won't get off so lightly...

In other news, I've actually managed to do some more painting, in particular I'm working on some minor adjustments to the Death Guard colour scheme I've been working on.  Hope to do more tonight when I get in from work.


  1. You have sold out to pew pew pew 40,000. I'm very disappointed in you Tony.

  2. You sold out to pew pew Flames of War!!

  3. Andy: a man cannot live on square bases alone.

  4. This is very true. I've got love for both shapes.


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