Friday, 17 February 2012

Powders of dubious repute...

I nearly shat myself. Maelstrom managed to send something 2nd class and it arrived a day later.

And these be the colours.  I'll be using them for the bases on my models, and also on the tanks.
T'other day, as we say in Yorkshire, I ordered some Vallejo weathering pigments, for weathering stuff and the like.  I got the Rust and Oil set.  Looking forward to learning to work with this stuff. I predict many tragic experiments in my future.


  1. I have a couple of Vallejo pigments and they're great. Plenty of pigment tutorials out there on youtube as well mate. If you want a spot of advice, look to millitary and railways modellers for advice on weathering, those lads know what they're doing!

  2. Cheers Kev. I'll take a look later on... I'll have to do some practising I'm sure!!


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