Saturday, 14 July 2012

Another 3D Death Guard sketch

I've blue-tacked another couple of fine gentlemen. Continuing the theme of yesterday's (or was it the day before?) post.

Again I've used MaxminiEU Biohazard heads and backpacks.  I'm really into these, they give an interesting look to the miniature. Heavy duty breathing apparatus that seems to be powered by a personal furnace.

If you like this stuff, then you can find it here: MaxminiEU

I've also used Anvil Industries Steam Lord medieval legs, which I think give a nice pre-Heresy feel to the models.  You can find their stuff on eBay, or on their website: Anvil Industry

Anyways, here are some pics.

Before I glue this together, I will drill out the bolter barrel. 

This chap is carrying a flamer, which you can't tell too well from
this angle
The plan with this one is to link the under-slung canister on the
flamer to the large tank on his back by means of some type of
pipe or tube or fuel line


  1. Make sure to get rid of the canister 1st for the flamer fuel line idea. Otherwise, I have to say these are turning out to be some fething sexy marines sir.

  2. It's something to think on, that's for sure.

    I might work up a sketch of what I meant and post it up.

  3. very nice fella...keep up the good work..happy way your going with yer marines...grandfather nurgle smiles on your work...



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