Thursday, 12 July 2012

Death Guard 3D sketch

Here's a 3d sketch of a marine for my Death Guard army. It's not glued together or owt. It's held in place with blue tac and sheer will power.

I've used a pair of 'Medieval' Steam Lord legs from Anvil Industries, a 'Biohazard' head and back pack from MaxminiEU, the power axe from the GW Huron Blackheart miniature and some standard GW marine and chaos marine parts.


  1. Lovely mishmash of parts n pieces. He'll look great painted up.
    Only critique is that the legs look a little short from here, but that could be the pic?

  2. Yeah, it's the pic. The dude is actually striding, and the legs are a little thicker than standard marine legs


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