Sunday, 14 October 2012

A couple of games of 40K 6th edition with SLGG

Over the past couple of weekends, I've had a couple of initial games of 6th edition with a couple of dudes from SLGG (the newly formed South London Gaming Group). We refer to ourselves as sluggers and insist on wearing fake snail horns while we play ( I wish this were true).

This has basically been a bit of fun to try and get used to the new rules system.

I've been using my Death Guard (once with Nurgle Daemon allies), Chris has been using his Snake Bite orks, and Lee used Genestealer Cult which he has based around the Imperial Guard codex.

I took a few photos of these games, which are typically not of the best quality, but I'll include some of them here...

The Pig Mek and his horde of Boar Bikerz bear down on Epidemius and 
and some of his Plague Bearer chums

Chris' Boar Bikerz are some pretty cool Orky constructs, and look very 
intimidating as they careen across the tabletop towards you...

...particularly when  seen from an angle like this

This little scrum of Death Guard possessed and Ork Nobs has proven to have
become something of a grudge match type face off for myself and Chris in the
last three games...

The Death Guard rhino attempts (and fails) to ram the Snake Bites Boar
Trukk, as two Daemon Princes casually stroll by to engage some Ork Boyz

Ooh, bloody 'ell! Lee's (partially built) Valkyrie intimidates some Death Guard
Havoks in the ruins of a building.  I'd never realised those things were so
damned big. Note to self: must get flyer of some kind...

The Boar Trukk hurtles down the Old Kent Road


The Fly Blown (Thrice Blessed by Nurgle) and the Pig
Mek thunder towards each other, eager for an epic brawl

Polaroid courtesy of bystanding Nurgling in a side street

Gratuitous black and white shot of the same face off from a Grot using
an Orkstamatic camera

Get 'im, Boss!! Battle is joined between The Fly Blown and the
Pig Mek, whilst the Boyz offer suggestions and hurl dung from
the sidelines.  As it turns out, the aforementioned suggestions did
not prove to be viable, and the Pig Mek dragged himself off to find a
Pain Boy... "Doc, me 'ead urtz!"

Hastily improvised crater made from a roll of masking tape.  This was the
result of the Fly Blown smashing through the side of the Boar Trukk, which
subsequently went hurtling off out of control and exploded, annihilating 2 of
my Possessed, but handily delivering it's payload of Ork Nobz to continue their
grudge match...


  1. It should be noted that, while my cyboars may look intimidating, you've beaten me every time, Tony!

    And we should totally get fake snail horns to wear.

    1. If we ever have a club meeting, it should be number #1 on the agenda...

  2. "Grot using an Orkstamatic camera" <-- This made me snort tea out on my keyboard. Thanks you sod. :P

    Very cool pics of a fun looking game Tony. I think all gaming clubs should have a snail horns uniform requirement.

  3. Hmm, my shambolic DA army will not far well against your Nurgle shiznit... If you're in the market for a flyer, the new Helldrake looks pretty cool... in a Power Rangers kinda way!

    1. It's weird that fluffy lists have been working out for me!

      We probably ought to try and set out some kind of list restrictions or something. For example, I won't take Epidemius, his special tally of pestilence rule is a bit too advantageous... That one time I tested him out, it was too devastating!

  4. No such thing as too devastating!


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