Sunday, 28 October 2012

Accident, death & rebirth...

People that have been following this for a while may remember that Tom converted up a Chaos Lord for my birthday a couple of months back.

Here is how he originally looked:

Unfortunately I had him out of the cabinet to look at the other day, and, fate being fickle as ever, I dropped him.  This is after he'd already survived the tender mercies of Royal Mail and everything.  Luckily he didn't break into several tiny bits!

I'm sorry, Tom!

 I then needed to try and find a way to reattach him to the base, But couldn't think of an appropriate way to do so.  I thought that instead, I would put (pin) him onto a heavier resin base of 25mm size. This also means that he can legally come out campaigning, and I'm hoping that he will prove to be the scourge of Barnsley in a few weeks time...

Initial re-homing completed.

After that, it just took a quick lick o'paint to finish him off.  Coming soon to a table top near you. You will learn to fear his combi-melta and power fist. I tell thee.

I pray to papa Nurgle that this re-homing shall be
fortuitous indeed.


  1. Chortle! I'm sort of glad you busted the base up, I wasn't happy with it to be fair!

  2. I can confirm that I have kept the base for posterity. Birthday message and that!

  3. Nice save and better basing.

    He's bound to prove to be a tricky one to tackle on the battlefield, goodluck!


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