Monday, 3 December 2012

Plague Bearer #1

So I bought some of the new plastic plague bearer models a few months back.  Recently I got around to putting some together, and getting them under-coated. For some reason, I then just did nothing with them. Until the other day, that is.

The other day represented a certain cosmic alignment, when the bright star of willpower shifts itself from the "can't be arsed" quadrant and into the "painting experimentation" quadrant.

Or in other words, I finally got around to testing out a tutorial on painting corrupted flesh.  The tutorial can be found on a very excellent blog called Dark Future Games, and can be found here:

This dude has been working up some pretty awesome Nurgle stuff, and is a constant source of inspiration to me.  Not that I often do anything with my inspiration of course. But that's besides the point...

Long story short, I had a go at following the tutorial (which, incidentally, I did wrong) primarily because it gave me an excuse to try my hand at using glazes for the very first time.  I also had a go at using Tamiya Clear Red to produce that realistic gore effect that folks go on about on the internet.

Here is how it turned out. Apologies for the low quality photographs. Ahem.


  1. Nice :) I like the purpley tones.

  2. Looks great mate. All bruised and so forth works well for PB's.

    one thing I find about Tamiya Clear Red - looks too clean and strawberry jam. Add a little brown ink to it and it darkens up to be far more realistic gore imo.

    1. Cheers guys!

      I added a bit of black wash to the Clear Red. Will definitely look into adding some brown ink instead though.

      I can imagine that would come up pretty scabby - nice tip!!


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