Saturday, 22 December 2012

The Battle for Avignon Primaris (part #237)

T'other day, I met up with Chris for a pre-Xmas game of 40k. Fairly small scale. 1250 points of my Death Guard & Word Bearers chaos marines vs his Snakebite orks. It was a great bit of fun.

Here's some pictures of what went down on the mean streets of Avignon Primaris...

Two boar trukkz careen down the streets of Avignon

I love these trukk conversions - great fun!

A squad of Death Guard marines discover "nothing of note" for 3 Victory
points in the shell of a bombed out building.

In what is now a traditional face off in our games, my
Possessed brace themselves to face off against a trukk-
load of Ork Nobz and accompanyin Pain Boy.

Another squad of Death Guard marines shelter by an abandoned
Bane Blade.

The Pig Mek's Cyboar Riderz roar through the wreckage of a downed
Valkyrie. Unfortunately, several of their number fail dangerous terrain
tests while attempting "jumpy trickz".

Captured by servo-skull, here we see a Death Guard squad guarding a Grav
Generator for 3 Victory points.

Euphraxes, Word Bearers exalted Lord of Chaos advances, supported by
a squad of Word Bearers marines and two chaos spawn.

The Possessed champion has been forced into
throwing out a challenge to Ork Nob, 'Ard Barry.
Alas, neither his power armour or invulnerable
save were up to the task of surviving a blow from
'Ard Barry's Power Claw.

The Fly Blown, Daemon Prince of Nurgle (until I think up a better name) and
the possessed mix it up with some Orks and a Pain Boy. Check out his witch-
doctor mask and 'urty needle.

Euphraxes challenges the leader of the Cyboar unit to single combat. Unfortunately this "puny beaky"
swiftly ended matters in a rather decisive manner, earning multiple Boons from the Chaos Boons table.

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  1. Awesome pics! Nice to see orks lose. I always like seeing orks lose.


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