Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Imperial Guard / Cultist Beastman tester model

I've recently been inspired by Victoria Lamb's Broolian beastmen / guardsmen which as well as being fantastic, reminded me of how awesome the Rogue Trader era Imperial Guard beastmen were. And those models have been a long standing set of vintage models that I've always wanted since I was first going to GW in 1987/88.

So I did a bit of research to find out if anybody had been making suitable conversions at all, and lo! They had. It seems that Gors fit well with beefed up (blatantly steroid munchin'!) Catachan Guardsmen in terms of size. They (the Catachans) are much bigger than their Cadian counterparts, and fit very well with the Gor heads.

I'm told the Ungor heads fit quite well with the Cadian bodies... Another experiment for the future. Anyways, I digress.

So a couple of Ebay shops later, I got some stuff together, and this is the first one I've put together...

The gap by the arm will get filled. The glue was still setting
when I took this.

This ought to give you a rough idea of scale. He's a big brute. Make no


  1. this is cool. I do like the idea of abhumans in an IG army.

    It has given me a wicked idea for a baphomet style chrono-gladiator for an Inq. retinue :D

  2. I made some of these previously, I think last year, just the way you are doing yours. I have a blog post on them somewhere...

    Great start so far mate! *thumbs up* Excited to see how yours end up. :)

    1. I'm guessing I'll hopefully be able to do the others a bit quicker. We'll see!

      I'll try and look up your post, Dai! More material to look at the better!

    2. Good luck with that. Mine were fiddly bastards and took for-ev-ar to put a squad of 10 together. ;)

      Maybe you'll find a quicker solution.

  3. Number 2 is underway...


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