Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Traitor guard / cultist beastmen part 3

I've managed to put together another beastman cultist / traitor guard model. This time I've used a gor body (off which I decided was it too tricky to try and trim the hooves from), the icon bearer arm from the plague bearers kit, the chaos undivided icon top from the chaos marines kit, and a beastman arm hand-swapped with the Catachan las pistol arm... and a bit of the old green stuff.

It was actually a bit trickier than it looks - for some reason I kept cutting the pins I was using too short, and getting distracted variously by the door bell, the phone and the Mrs whilst trying to get the glue to bond.

In the end, it somehow came together...


  1. Now he looks cool. Way better than my usage of that Gor body.


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