Friday, 3 January 2014

There's orks skulking about in the park... Terrain W.I.P

I've managed to do a bit of work on my first piece of terrain, for my forthcoming, ahem... gaming table.  It's the battlescape made by Games Workshop.

Pretty simple to build, but it did need a fair bit of green stuff around where the trees fix to the base. Given how well GW plastic kits generally go together these days, quite why there should be massive gaps of this kind I have no idea.  In addition, the vision slot on the front of the wrecked rhino needed to have both end cut off to fit on the model. Bizarre.

Paint job is W.I.P. but has been pretty simple so far.

Airbrush undercoat in black, followed by an airbrush overspray of grey and black in a roughly 2:1 ratio.

Trees painted in GW Graveyard Earth, washed in a mix of the old GW brown ink and Devlan Mud. Further dry brush in Graveyard Earth, and a second wash with Devlan Mud.

Rhino had a thinned coat of GW Warplock Bronze applied with a large brush. Was then streaked with GW Boltgun Metal using an old dry brush. The new GW Typhus Corrosion technical paint was then applied liberally to the whole rhino (this is an excellent new paint, by the way - kind of like a textured wash). Once this had dried, a rough stipple of Calthan Brown was applied to the whole of the tank.

Throw in a bit of blue on the marine bits (face it, the Smurfs are boring) and that's pretty much it thus far.


  1. Like it so far mate. Are you planning grass/leaves/shrubbery or going for more blasted war-torn landscape, burnt and bereft of life?

  2. This bit is going to be blasted I reckon. Probably splash a bit more grey dust about. The table is going to be themed as a shrine world, so going for chapels, monuments and woodlands etc.


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