Monday, 27 January 2014

World building part 2

Moving on from yesterday's post, I thought I'd talk briefly about the theme I've got in mind.

The theme that I want my table to have is that of an Imperial Shrine World, in a contested part of the Galaxy. Most areas should be battle damaged, and some should be largely unscathed.

These Shrine Worlds we hear about in the background material are something that I've found somewhat intriguing since I first came across them. Whole worlds dedicated to the Adeptus Ministorum and the Imperial cult. It's a mind blowing concept to me.

I've also recently re-read Dan Abnett's Eisenhorn stories, and there was one particular element in the second book that stuck a chord with me, and that I thought would be interesting to include in my perceived theme.  This was the mention of the "law of legibility" in the cemeteries on Cadia. For those that are not familiar with this, Cadia is something of a fortress world that breeds warrior stock for the Imperial Guard's Cadian regiments. It produces a lot of soldiers. Who then die in droves, and earn the right to a burial plot on their home world.  Unfortunately, space is at something of a premium in these cemeteries, and thus there are members of the Ecclesiarchy whose specific role is to maintain these burial sites, and keep track of whether the inscriptions on the grave markers have been rendered illegible by the elements. Once a marker's inscription is considered to illegible, the dead soldier is considered to have passed from memory, and the remains will then be disinterred, and moved to a mass grave or incinerated, thus making room for fresh (or not so fresh) inhabitants of the burial plot.

Anyway, I found some images on Google Images that I thought might give me some ideas on how things might look. Only when I make the buildings for my table, they'll be crapper.


  1. Nice! You should take a look at Besinski's paintings, too - lots of lovely gothic churchery in there. As you won't have to solely use GW terrain, you should take a look at the Pegasus Gothic buildings kits - they make a couple of good church kits that I've seen people make some great 40k terrain from.

    1. I shall take a good gander! paintings and Pegasus kits both

  2. I think it's a great idea. A whole tabletop given over to a mass graveyard with admin buildings and chapels, etc would make for a grim and thematic game.


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