Sunday, 15 March 2015

Inquisitor Daubenton, the third iteration (an inquisitor warband update)

Following on from previous comments (much appreciated guidance from Frothing Muppet and Dai - cheers, fellers), I bring you the third and final (hopefully) incarnation of Inquisitor Ziegfried Daubenton.

Based on the comments I received, it was clear that he was missing a bit of something in terms of the grimdarkness that we all hold so dear. The pointing hand had to go. Luckily, I had a bit of a brainwave, and the requisite bitz in my box to bring what you see below to fruition. The replacement hand in particular fits well with the back story I have planned for him... more on that at a later point.


  1. You know what, just to be a pain, but I'd drop the servo skull. The arm outstretched by itself seems to me to suggest he is lecturing someone he's about to smite.

    Otherwise - still a very cool model - the purity seals are a nice touch and reinforce the =][= idea.

  2. What FM said.

    Now get painting! :)

  3. Cheers for feedback guys - I'm gonna stick with this version to be honest - I prefer the feel of it.

    Hopefully at least get these guys undercoated by the time the weekend is out

  4. Right like this mate, would enjoy painting!


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