Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Inquisitorial hench-gentlemen - inquisitor war band update

I created these likely lads over the last couple of days or so. Some bitz I got from Wace have made their way into the mix here, on the sniper-looking guy.

Much messing with blu-tak and swapping bitz around finally led me to these chaps:

Laugh at my gentlemen's pistols will you?

This guy still needs a bit of flash removal by the look of it.


  1. I would never laugh at any man's dueling pistols. Dueling banjos.... that's another story.

    Nice set of minions. Make sure to paint their skin purple. Wait, wrong film.

    1. This river don' flow ta' Aintree...

      Thanks, Dai! Looking forward to painting stuff for the first time in ages


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