Friday, 29 April 2016

INQ28 - Ecclesiarchy Priest

All has been quiet on the blogging front recently, I'm afraid. I've just not been up to that much hobby-wise, apart from a trip to Nottingham to visit my good buddy Fulgrim, who was heavily involved in the play-testing and design of the recent Death Watch: Overkill game. So we obviously spent a chunk of time playing that. And drinking. And eating. And watching Star Wars.  Good times, yo.

I did finish up this fellow, who will be a part of my Ordo Hereticus retinue, in the role of... priest / preacher / general ecclesiarchy God-Emperor bothering busy body.  The model is from Black Scorpion's range of Cutlass models, and was part of a very bargainous set I picked up at Salute last year.

Here he is. Sweet beard, dude.


  1. Looks very beardy and know-it-all-ish. Very nicely done mate.

    Glad to hear Fulgrim's involved with some of the better looking stuff GW has released of late. Those Genestealer figs are bloody good and I'm finding it rather hard to not buy them.

  2. Cheers dude.

    The stealer cult models are fantastic. The game itself is really challenging (but fun) too. Well worth the $


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