Monday, 14 May 2018

Denizens of the Garden of Nurgle - slug-toad-centaur "things"

Hey all.  As promised weeks ago, here is the post nobody was especially waiting for...

These three form the final parts of my Denizens of the Garden of Nurgle crew for DAOS28 or whatever the cool kids are calling it these days.  Basically it's a massive picture dump, so sorry or something.

Brewed up from the previous incarnation of Beasts of Nurgle, spares from Putrid Blight Kings, Maggoth and Glottkin stuff, plus half a page fly sans appendages.

Et voila! as the French chap might say...


  1. Really like these mate. All the pieces blend seamlessly.

    Can we get a group shot at all of your Garden Denizens?

  2. They look amazing!
    My painting drive kind of died after completing my Great Unclean One, but you've given me a bit of fuel with some great Nurgley inspiration.


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