Monday, 18 May 2015

Inquisitor war band update - henchman #1 & new conversions

After finding it a little tricky to get some work table time in over the last couple of weeks, I finally managed to have a good session on Sunday afternoon.

I managed to get a henchman painted, as well as finishing conversion work on my 'blunter', Methuselah (based on a Black Scorpion miniatures pirate child with an Ungor head), and my rogue trader, Lady Dremelza Halifax (based on Isabella von Carstein, with some fancy xenos gadgetry).  I'll also add into this a non-converted model, who will act as a scribe (another Black Scorpion sculpt that I thought fit in quite perfectly).

Story-wise, the henchman will be one of Lady Dremelza's bodyguards, just some gritty dude. I thought the flintlocks added a suitable naval element to him. With the leather jacket and bandana, I wanted to create an impression of a wannabe Han Solo type meets old-skool Suicidal Tendencies fan kind of vibe.

I've given Lady Halifax an unusual mark of Eldar pistol, which I've re-modelled to resemble a futuristic flintlock (see the shape of stock/grip of the weapon and compare it to the henchman's). It was fiddly.  The blade she carries will have a bit of story behind it.

As for Methuselah, I gave a bit of vague story to him as part of the Inquisitor Daubenton ramblings I've been posting up. In case you can't be arsed to backtrack through the blog, he's basically a Pariah, as well as an abhuman, and to cap it all, he also exhibits Dwarfism (which is in no way intended to be offensive to anyone - it's just how I thought the character needed to be built as soon as I saw the model it's based around). He's also strapped with a flintlock.

The scribe, well, is just a typical busy-body bookish know-it-all repository of useless / useful information.


  1. Great work on those henchmen. Isabella is a great figure to work from, even if trimming up that armour is a bit of a pain!

    1. I kind of felt guilty chopping her up, but a really awesome model to work with!

  2. Lovely work mate.
    The Pariah child looks especially cool.

    1. Cheers Dai. I'm getting so much out of this project. I can kind of see myself never doing a large scale army ever again

  3. I love the devilhead with the coat.

  4. That neckcerchief is brilliant.

    Isabella is a great foundation model and the sword is something else.

    Methuselah is interesting - after I re-read the dwarfism comment I got onboard with the bits mash - without that titbit of backstory I would have made other comments about the head looking out of sorts.

    The scribe mini is beautiful - love it.


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